The Western Wildway

The Western Wildway is a 6,000-mile-long tri-national wildlife corridor identified through more than a decade of science-based conservation mapping and research in the intermountain West. Protecting the Western Wildway represents North America’s best chance to ensure the survival of many threatened keystone species that require long-distance movement pathways, including grizzly bear, lynx, mountain lion, wolves, jaguars, and ocelots — all faced with growing pressure from development-based habitat fragmentation and climate disruption.

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Western Wildway Network (WWN)

The WWN is a coalition of the West’s most respected conservation organizations. Each member of the WWN works on wildlife habitat connectivity projects within their regions. Together, the work of each organization is designed to provide a protected and restored link connecting a series of conservation planning areas to form a vast continental wildlife corridor called the Western Wildway.

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